What is Porna?

Porna is porn that women really enjoy to watch It’s the kind of porn that teases and pleases you. From the comments given by panel members on film fragments we already know some facts about women’s view on Porna:

Porna is definitely:
• Porna is created and filmed primarily from the female point of view and female perception of lust. 

• All characters are clearly enjoying what they are doing. Their pleasure and lust are convincingly real.

• The tension in the sex scenes is built up well: foreplay, gradually turning each other on (but not too long).

• Porna is beautifully filmed - think of good camera work and lighting, beautiful scenery and settings.

• ' Real ', attractive people with beautiful but natural bodies.

• Explicit sex that is never really vulgar or hard/rough. But it’s a myth that women should only like soft and cuddly sex: most of them really enjoy watching explicit sex!

 Not Porna
• The sex is exclusively concentrated on pleasure and ejaculation of the man, while the woman is merely a lust object.

• Faked and unrealistic excitement, or disinterest and boredom in the interaction between people.

• A too long-winded introduction before – finally – some cloths are taken off. Or just the opposite: when there’s no introduction at all, but the characters come ‘straight to the point’.

• Badly filmed footage with strange camera positions, ugly light. Or: disturbing and loud music.

• People who look too much like the typical porn actor or behave too much like the cliché.

• Sex scenes that follow all the porn clichés.

But there’s still much more to be discovered. What really teases and pleases you – and why? You are the only one who can answer that question. Because you are the (s)expert when Porna is concerned! So, if you’re a woman and would like to share your views, we invite you to apply as a member of the Dusk panel. This gives you the opportunity to watch very diverse film fragments and give your opinion!